AAM Awarded 2020 Dorian Award for Problem Solving Cultural Excellence

Published on February 22, 2021

DETROIT, Feb. 22, 2021– American Axle & Manufacturing has been awarded a 2020 Dorian Award for Y to X® Problem Solving Cultural Excellence from Shainin – The Red X® Company. The prestigious Dorian Awards are presented annually to individuals or organizations who have demonstrated excellence in solving or preventing complex problems.  The award is named for Dorian Shainin the inventor of Red X methodologies and the founder of the company.

“Y to X® Problem Solving is a highly disciplined, structured approach to find the hidden causes driving complex problems,” said Richard D. Shainin, Executive Vice President, Shainin. “American Axle & Manufacturing has been recognized for creating an infrastructure and support system that empowers teams to find the hidden causes in manufacturing systems or products impacting performance.”

Shainin develops statistical, engineering and management tools for revealing the hidden causes that keep complex systems from performing their best.

AAM utilizes Shainin problem solving throughout its global enterprise and has developed an AAM apprentice course that has been approved by Shainin. During 2020, AAM completed 66 Shainin projects. Additionally, 44 AAM Associates were certified by Shainin as Apprentices, three newly certified as Journeymen and one newly certified Master in 2020.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic AAM seamlessly shifted to a virtual training in order to continue our global Shainin efforts without interruption,” said Mark Barrett, AAM Vice President, Quality, Warranty & Program Management. “We now have more than 325 AAM Associates around the world who are trained in Shainin tools and we will continue to train and grow our associates in this critical problem-solving methodology.”